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Anna Cook passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

When I was thinking about learning to drive, I was very hesitant because I'm the type of person that has to feel comfortable, especially when it comes to learning, as I'm a slow learner, therefore I needed to make sure I had the right Instructor. I had looked at a couple of lnstructors but none of them appealed to me. I had heard about Sarah's Driving Tuition and I thought I'll go with Sarah and it wasn't a regret. It was the best decision I made. She made every lesson enjoyable. When the day came to having my first lesson, Sarah went through everything brilliantly. If I ever needed to ask again, I'd feel comfortable to do so because she goes at your pace, but she teaches in such a way that is easy to understand and again if you don't understand it, you feel you can ask her again about it. Each lesson I had with Sarah was planned extremely well. They were very well organised and planned for progression. Sarah asks What Went Well and what you may need to improve on, but they also merge in with what she'd like to teach you. The lessons can also be enjoyed and that is also because not only how she plans the lessons but because of who she is as a person. She fits in to the kind of person you are. At first I felt a little shy but a couple of lessons in I felt comfortable with her which was very helpful. The understanding of the lessons and what she teaches is also clear. If you are a person like myself, who learns more by seeing things in picture, she will teach you that way. She will fit to how you learn best. If she is giving you an example of something she will draw it but if it's something that can't be drawn, she will explain it until you understand. If I had questions of my own that I didn't understand, I'd save them until I had a lesson and I'd ask her. She would give me the answer and it would be so clear with the way she'd explain it. Sarah is the definition of Teacher, Tutor and Instructor, but what makes all the difference is, she teaches with a view to bringing out the best in you because she can see your potential. Thank you Sarah

From Anna Cook

Samantha Dundee passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

"When I first started lessons I was extremely nervous about driving. I had one lesson with another instructor, but decided not to continue with them, before finding Sarah. Starting lessons again with Sarah was the best decision ever and I can't believe how much fun we had during lessons! She is very calm and patient, putting you at ease immediately. I really liked the 2 hour lessons as you get so much done each week and they were always full of laughter and happiness! At the end of each lesson, Sarah goes through everything that happened (even the bits you might want to forget) but it really helps you decide what to work on for the next lesson.

Passing my test first time was something I never thought I would achieve, but Sarah was patient during every lesson and only went onto the next part of the learning process when I was ready. The planning was very organised and Sarah listened to how I felt the lesson had gone, so that we could decide together, what to work on next time.
I had an amazing driving experience, got on with Sarah extremely well and had a lot more fun than I expected!

When all is said and done, Sarah has been a wonderful driving instructor and, from now on, I'll be recommending her to anyone who wants to learn to drive 😊 Thank you Sarah."

From Samantha Dundee

Nina Halgarth passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

"I have really enjoyed learning to drive with Sarah and have massively grown in confidence (and natural ability!) Sarah is lovely, personable and tailors your driving experience to you, so you not only pass your test, but are confident and prepared to drive alone after your test.
Starting as a relatively nervous driver who was not the keenest to start driving, thanks to Sarah I am now a confident and competent driver who looked forward to lessons as a way to unwind and enjoy myself! My driving experience certainly exceeded my expectations as we worked at a great pace for me, so that I was confident whilst still being pushed! It was a very personal experience which I loved.
Overall I would like to thank Sarah for all her help, support and laughter in lessons!"

From Nina Halgarth

Sasha Gaunt passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

"My driving lessons were a fun and positive experience, which I do think was down to having such a calm, helpful, caring and funny instructor! I wasn't nervous to start driving, but it was totally new to me, so 'apprehensive' was an understatement! However, my lessons were always enjoyable and my knowledge, confidence and judgement were built over time, meaning it was a non-pressured process, being helped massively by the very well thought out lesson plans and teaching methods. I was able to go at my own pace therefore consolidating all knowledge 😊 In a relatively short space of time, I was developing a new skill, but Sarah made all the difference as it didn't feel like a scary process at all!! "

Thank you Sarah from Sasha Gaunt

Maddie Arnold passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

"I loved every lesson with Sarah! They were a lot more fun than I expected, as well as being informative, which helped me progress quickly. I got on with Sarah brilliantly and lessons were always suited to me with what Sarah felt was best, and also took into account what I wished to work on as well, in order to make improvements. She is a very calm and patient instructor which really helped me relax in my first few lessons and when having to deal with difficult situations! I always looked forward to every lesson, and I would 100% recommend Sarah as a driving instructor, as she has helped me to become a confident and safe driver! "

Thank you Sarah from Maddie Arnold 😊

Emily McCann passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

"Sarah is the calmest, most patient instructor I could have asked for. Driving was never the most enjoyable/easiest activity for me but she was able to maintain my motivation to carry on and learn at my own pace and to practice things we both felt needed a bit of work on. If I ever did something wrong it was always followed up by an explanation and dealt with in such a patient and relaxed manner that it was easy to learn from. Thanks to Sarah I now have a lot more confidence, safety awareness and the ability to drive independently, and I couldn't recommend her enough! "

Thanks Sarah from Emily McCann

Hayley Watkins passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

"Such a wonderful experience with Sarah! I came to her a complete nervous wreck having not had the best driving experience. Sarah completely relaxed me and made me laugh so I knew I was safe and felt totally at ease. I wouldn't recommend anyone but Sarah, she gives 110% and is always happy to accommodate your needs. Thank you for helping me through the harder times of learning to drive, Sarah, I'd never have passed without you 😊"

From Hayley Watkins

Ellie Crick passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

"I couldn't recommend Sarah enough!! She's such a lovely, patient and calming lady; putting you at ease during any new/stressful situations. Every lesson she made me feel so comfortable and confident as a new driver on the road and I always looked forward to my next lesson. Having swapped driving instructor I was impressed by her level of knowledge of driving to test standard and it couldn't of been reflected more by me passing my test 1st time with no faults."

From Ellie Crick

Abby Hammond passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

"Learning to drive with Sarah has been brilliant! I was excited for every lesson because Sarah never made it boring. We would make an action plan at the end of every lesson so we knew exactly what we would be working on next time. My driving experience was amazing and much more enjoyable than I was expecting as Sarah has unparalleled patience and lessons are really focussed around the pupil. Sarah tailors each lesson to suit each pupil and we would practice everything until I was confident with it. There was never a dull moment with Sarah, I got on with her really well and I am sad that my driving experience has come to an end!

Thank you Sarah from Abby Hammond"

Kallem Gilbert passed his driving test with Sarah Plows

"Sarah is a brilliant driving instructor, things I had trouble understanding she helped explain and talk me through them. She is a very kind person and makes you feel at ease and there is no need to worry about making mistakes as she's very understanding, patient, and made me into a more confident and safer driver.

Thank you Sarah from Kallem Gilbert"

Declan Noble passed his driving test with Sarah Plows

"To start off this amazing review, I would have to say how outstanding Sarah Plows is as a driving instructor. The standard of teaching and help you get with Sarah is outstanding. She always gave me so much confidence on every lesson and when you make a mistake, she explains and gives you great advice to help you sort out those problems. To end this review, I have to say that Sarah is friendly but professional.

Thank you Sarah from Declan Noble"

Samantha Barnes passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

"Sarah is a fantastic driving instructor. I was very nervous on my first lesson, but that soon went away because she is patient, kind and easy to get along with. Sarah plans her lessons to achieve the most in the time available and her explanations are fantastic, which helps you understand what you are doing, helping you to remember! I would definitely recommend Sarah to anyone.

Thank you Sarah from Samantha Barnes"

Emily Walker passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

"I had heard a lot of good reviews about Sarah and knew that I had to have her teaching me. I am so grateful having the best instructor ever!! There wasn't a lesson where we weren't laughing and driving never felt like a chore! I was excited to be driving but my 'learning to drive' experience still exceeded my expectations! I really liked having 2hr lessons as I felt I got a lot more confident practising for longer. Sarah is a great teacher who keeps you calm and relaxed! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an instructor as she is friendly, easy to talk to and ask questions, productive in every lesson, plans in advance, prioritises your schedule over hers and everyone loves her!

Thank you so much Sarah I've had a blast" (Emily Walker)

Zoe Chappell passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

"I always looked forward to my lessons with Sarah as they were calm and definitely fun! Whenever I was unsure, I could always ask and I would always get an easy and understandable answer which made my question so much clearer. Compared to my expectations, lessons were calmer and I wasn't pressurised into doing anything If I was unsure! There was always a plan for every lesson, which we had mutually agreed on, and they were well thought out with thorough explanations of anything and everything. I'm going to miss the entertaining conversations that we had!

Thank you so much Sarah from Zoe Chappell"

Andreea Simeon passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

"I have found learning to drive with Sarah a lot better and easier than expected as she is very friendly (which eased the pressure considerably), patient and calm! The lessons were structured which simplified the learning process as they were effective, easy to follow and fun. I asked Sarah to join me on test as it made me feel a lot calmer! Sarah is very encouraging and patient especially whilst learning the manoeuvres, which I found very difficult, but her reassurance was always present helping me achieve this goal! I really liked, and found very helpful, the way she found time on the driving lessons to go through the wording of the 'Show me Tell me' questions and helped me understand them as English is not my first language! In my opinion Sarah is the best instructor and I would, and will, recommend her, especially for anyone that wants fun and effective driving lessons!

Thank you Sarah from Andreea Simeon X"

Annette Otto passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

"I genuinely have really enjoyed every lesson with Sarah. She is very good at putting you at ease and makes the lesson feel like fun, rather than the pressure of trying to drive! Sarah covers all areas of learning, from explaining verbally, to using pictures and drawing diagrams of situations. At the end of the lesson, Sarah always asked my opinion of what I thought we needed to practice, but also what I thought went well. Sarah is very passionate with her teaching and it's been an absolute pleasure learning to drive with her.

Thank you Sarah from Annette Otto"

Alex Want passed his driving test with Sarah Plows

"From my first lesson, all the way through to my test, Sarah was amazing! She is organised, my lesson was always on the same day so it was easy to track! It was so nice to have the confidence that lessons would be fun, from other pupils experience, but also beneficial to learning. I would 100% recommend Sarah's driving tuition for anyone wanting to drive as each lesson was different and I was provided with great knowledge on every aspect of driving. I got on with Sarah extremely well and learning to drive has been so much more fun and interesting than I thought it would be!! I definitely recommend that people learn to drive and learn with Sarah!!!

Thank you Sarah from Alex Want"

Jade Hill passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

"Choosing Sarah to be my driving instructor was honestly the best decision. Her lessons are always calm and make me feel relaxed. She is very informative and makes sure my driving is at the best standard. Her friendly presence encourages me to do well and makes me feel welcome as soon as I get in the car! I wasn't sure what to expect as this was my first time driving, however it was an excellent service from Sarah as it was professional in a calm environment. I would highly recommend Sarah's Driving Tuition because she is very organised, lesson plans well thought out and structured according to ability and time and she was also extremely helpful and understanding about my illnesses, altering lessons to fit in with my schedule!

Thank you Sarah from Jade Hill"

Georgia Bailey passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

"I would highly recommend Sarah's Driving Tuition to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Sarah is always on time, reliable and makes booking lessons easy! I got along with Sarah fabulously as she makes you feel calm and comfortable. No lesson is the same and even when you think you have embarrassed yourself by stalling the car or doing something wrong, she remains calm and collected and will help you out no end!! To me, I see Sarah as a friend as well as a driving instructor. She will hold great conversations with you and her instructions are always clear and easy to understand. No matter how many times you do a bay park or reverse around a corner Sarah will give you the same instructions and provide you with memorable revision tips! Lessons are always structured around you and you never feel rushed or nervous. Learning to drive was a lot more fun than I thought it would be and my experience exceeded my expectations

Thank you Sarah from Georgia Bailey"

Brad Spurdens passed his driving test with Sarah Plows

"I have extremely enjoyed learning to drive with Sarah, even though at times she may have feared for her life, particularly starting out with no previous experience on the back roads of Spalding! Sarah has been a wonderful instructor and had been patient and innovative in the way she has helped me overcome new challenges and gain further understanding of how to drive. I am so happy to have passed my driving test first time as a reward for all the hard work both Sarah and myself have put in! This was as a result of the very well planned and structured lessons which helped me identify and improve on the key areas for development. I found the lessons more fun than I expected as I got in with Sarah very well and these lessons have really helped me develop as a more confident and skilled driver!!

Thank you Sarah from Brad Spurdens"

Kasey Browett passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

"I had driving lessons with a previous instructor but had to change due to circumstances. I chose Sarah as I had heard from other pupils about their experience with her. I therefore expected my driving lessons to be informative and a friendly environment to learn in. I am delighted to say my expectations were met and exceeded! I was very impressed with how Sarah identified my strengths and weaknesses immediately and adapted the lessons plans to work on the things I was struggling with, in order for me to achieve my goal as soon as possible! Her style of teaching was very clear and together with the warm, patient and relaxed atmosphere I enjoyed my lessons immensely. Sarah is a brilliant driving instructor and I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Thank you Sarah from Kasey Browett"

Tanya Kirman passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

"Sarah, in my opinion, is the perfect driving instructor in every possible way! She has been so patient with me and never, ever shouted, in fact she made me laugh, which relaxed me totally! Sarah uses so many techniques which helped greatly with my learning and together with the extremely comprehensive lesson plans it has been the best experience ever, exceeding my expectations and I didn’t realise just how much I would enjoy it! I couldn’t have got on with my driving instructor Sarah any better and the service I have received has been fantastic! Best of all Sarah has built up my confidence so that I can now say I am a safe and competent driver and it is all down to her! I can truly say I will miss Sarah, as I not only think of her as my driving instructor, but also as my friend.

Thank you Sarah from Tanya"

Charley Evans passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

"I really enjoyed my lessons with Sarah as they were varied and a lot more fun than I expected!! I was taught at a pace that suited me and the lesson plans flowed well as they were fully adapted to fit my needs! I got on with Sarah extremely well and found her very easy to talk to, feeling comfortable at all times which helped greatly in building my confidence!
All round my driving experience was amazing and I can't thank you enough Sarah!!"

Charley Evans - Spalding

Hannah Thorold passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

"Sarah is such fun and every lesson I had she made me feel relaxed and comfortable! My confidence grew with each lesson as I could see a huge improvement! I particularly liked how Sarah would ask me what I thought we needed to work on which made me feel I had control of my learning! Each lesson had a plan and I was never in any doubt what we would be working on! Sarah and I had many laughs and she feels like a friend as well as being my instructor which is why I would highly recommend her!"

Thank you Sarah from Hannah Thorold

Max Knight passed his driving test with Sarah Plows

"Learning to drive from scratch under Sarah has been a fantastic experience, she is a lovely friendly driving tutor, who provided me with a very relaxed and calm environment during my lessons, I would highly recommend Sarah's driving school to anyone looking to learn, her determination and commitment towards her pupil's success is what makes her such a joy to learn with, nice one Sarah Xx"

Max Knight

Polina Toner passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

"Sarah has been an outstanding driving instructor. She has a great sense of humour and always puts a smile on my face even when I was very stressed on the road!! Sarah is very clear and is very good at explaining everything, even if I had to ask five times! Couldn't wish for a better driving instructor! Thank you so much again for your time and your help!!!"

From Polina Toner

William Ella passed his driving test with Sarah Plows

"Sarah’s Driving Tuition Driving School offers a very high standard of teaching throughout every lesson. Sarah has helped me develop new skills and has made me a more experienced and confident driver! I have high expectations and my experience exceeded those as lessons were always thought through, planned well and the teaching was calm and reassuring. I got on with Sarah very well and I always looked forward to my driving lessons as they were fun and enjoyable. I learned at my own pace and if I was unsure of anything I could easily ask Sarah! Due to the 2 hour lessons I had enough time to learn a new skill and practice it until perfect. Each of these 2 hour lessons were comfortable and relaxing as Sarah is easy to get along with and would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to drive or regain driving experience.

Thank you so much Sarah from William"

Chrissy Dixon passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

"I have really enjoyed my driving lessons with Sarah as she has always put me at ease and built up my confidence which was quite low at the start! At no time did I feel rushed into anything that I didn’t feel happy with. I really liked that we spoke about each lesson and I always knew what I would be working on for the next lesson. Sarah was always very flexible and would recap anything I wasn’t happy with. I would highly recommend Sarah’s Driving Tuition as I enjoyed every single lesson. Thank you Sarah for believing in me and helping me become a confident driver.

Chrissy Dixon – Holbeach"

Fredde Palmer passed his driving test with Sarah Plows

"I would highly recommend Sarah as a driving instructor as she is calm, relaxed and gave clear instructions. Never once did she seem agitated when I made a mistake but would go through what I had done incorrectly after we had pulled over. Each 2hr lesson was structured, making the best use of the time and at the end of each lesson we would talk through next weeks plan which I found very helpful! I got on with Sarah very well and she was always very respectful and happy throughout my training.

Fredde Palmer – Spalding"

Seeta Maher passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

"Thank you Sarah for helping me learn to drive! Your calm approach made it a lot easier and even when I made a mistake the reassurance you gave was great! I still remember the 2hr lesson on roundabouts and I had totally lost confidence. You ensured I stayed positive and we soon got there! My experience was much better than anticipated as Sarah is so easy to get on with. Lessons are calm, fun and very easy to learn from! Each lesson had a plan so I knew exactly what I was doing. I’m actually gutted as I did enjoy all the lessons a lot but thank you for all this help and for this experience.

Seeta Maher – Spalding"

Ashley Beckett passed his driving test with Sarah Plows

"Sarah was easy to talk to and always made sure I was comfortable with any part of driving. She managed to stay calm even if I made a hash of things and made mistakes!! Overall her teaching methods and style were easy to understand and if I struggled with anything, Sarah made the time to make sure I fully understood what to do. The lesson plans were always organised and left enough time to complete everything fully. I got on very well with Sarah and my experience as a learner driver would have definitely not been as enjoyable or comfortable had it not been with Sarah!

Thank you Sarah from Ashley Beckett – Spalding"

Ellen Hope passed his driving test with Sarah Plows

"My Driving Instructor Sarah Plows is the best driving instructor I’ve had! I got on with Sarah very well and I particularly liked at the end of each lesson we would talk everything through and I would be asked what I thought needed to be worked on as it made me feel I had control of my learning! Sarah is calm, relaxed, doesn’t rush or push, the lessons plans are practical, instructions are clear and everything is taught to ensure you are a safe driver. Sarah stays positive, gives you a boost and always reminds you to do your best and really believes in her students which rubs off on you to believe in yourself!

Thank you Sarah for believing in me!" From Ellen

Dan Nichols passed his driving test with Sarah Plows

"Learning with Sarah at Sarah's Driving Tuition Driving School has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. As an extremely nervous and cautious learner Sarah made me feel at ease and guided me through the driving lessons in a comfortable and friendly manner that I have found to be both encouraging and motivational whilst behind the wheel. The lessons have been flexible, tailored to my needs and very collaborative when it comes to the content covered and the pace at which I progressed through the necessary areas of learning. Thanks to Sarah I feel a much more confident driver than I ever imagined I could be when I first started out! Sarah is an excellent driving instructor and I got on with her extremely well! I will definitely be recommending Sarah's Driving Tuition to my friends because the tuition was motivational, comfortable and effective!

Thank you Sarah" - Dan Nichols - Spalding

Gemma Amos passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

"Driving lessons with Sarah have been fantastic. Every lesson was productive and goals were set so that I knew exactly what I was working towards. Sarah is really friendly and we got along fabulously! I enjoyed every single lesson. Sarah is a fantastic driving instructor and I learnt to drive so much faster than I thought I would. Sarah is very flexible with days and times for lessons and always works around you! Thank you Sarah for helping me learn to drive!"

Gemma Amos - Spalding

Becky Smith passed her driving test with Sarah Plows

"I was very nervous before I started driving lessons with Sarah due to a set back with a previous instructor, but with Sarah I felt relaxed instantly! She has so much patience and was very calm if I did make a mistake. I was never rushed into moving onto anything else before I was happy to do so. I also remember driving around in a big square until I felt confident changing gears!! I am happy I have learnt so much and Sarah has taught me to believe in myself a lot more! My driving experience was over and above anything I had expected and I couldn’t have asked for any more! We always had a plan for the next lesson and I knew exactly what I was going to work on. I think Sarah is definitely a fantastic instructor and would highly recommend her to anyone! I shall miss our lessons very much. "

Becky Smith - Spalding

Jordan Farr passed his driving test with Sarah Plows

"I thought the standard of teaching at Sarah's Driving Tuition Driving School was excellent with every lesson. This was because all the lessons were very well planned and organised, but what helped the most was the calm and relaxed atmosphere that Sarah works under and I got on with her extremely well which gave me confidence to progress at my own pace on each driving lesson. Sarah would explain to me, in great detail, anything I didn't understand, and my driving experience fulfilled all my expectations and would therefore highly recommend anyone to have driving lessons with Sarah.

Thank you Sarah" - Jordan Farr - Boston

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