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Safe Driving


At Sarah’s Driving Tuition we teach safe driving as part of the syllabus as this is just as important as having the ability to drive a car.


Planning and Awareness to potential hazards is crucial to safe driving for example:-

Question 1 - You are driving along a busy main road and see brake lights ahead, what should you do?

Answer - Check your interior mirror and lift off the gas pedal.

This may be all that is necessary, but by planning for this early, will prevent heavy braking which could lead to collisions.


Anticipation is another major factor in safe driving, for example:-

Question 2 - You are driving in a built-up area with parked vehicles both sides of the road, pedestrians on the footpath and a cyclist ahead.  What should you be thinking?

Answer - The pedestrians may decide to cross between the parked vehicles, the parked vehicles may pull out without signalling or checking their mirrors or the cyclist may decide to cross over to the opposite side of the road without any safety checks.


You should be driving at a speed where you can slow down or stop if necessary.

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